Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Should we consult an accounting firm when starting a new business?

In a country like INDIA with vast diversity and numerous states having a number of laws & regulations, it is essential that you contact an accounting firm to discuss a number of issues relating to operations and compliances.

What will Mohan & Chandrasekhar Chartered Accountants cost me?

We provide our clients with an estimate of the cost of our services prior to engagement. Our fees are highly competitive.

How can Mohan & Chandrasekhar Chartered Accountants help the client as a business advisor?

We can help –

  • Set up accounting systems, internal controls and policies.
  • Advise on labor and tax laws.
  • Comply with general and specific laws.
  • Analyse operating results.
  • Provide integrated MIS reports.
  • Provide management consulting services.
  • Develop budgets and business plans and forecasts.
  • Develop tax strategies.
  • Minimize tax liability.
  • Audit, review, or compile financial statements.

How do we benefit from the relationship with Mohan & Chandrasekhar Chartered Accountants?

For our relationship to be long lasting for you, you need to:

  • Be clear and candid about what you expect from our services.
  • Be open to new ideas, tools, and opportunities