50 Financial Transactions to consider for ITR

  1. Salary
  2. Rent Received
  3. Dividends
  4. Interest from savings
  5. Interest from deposit
  6. Interest from others
  7. Interest from Income tax refund
  8. Rent on plant & machinery
  9. Winnings from lottery or crossword puzzle
  10. Winnings from horse race
  11. Receipt of accumulated bal. of PF from Employer
  12. Interest from infra. debt fund
  13. Interest from specified co. by an NRI
  14. Interest on bonds and govt. securities
  15. Income wrt. Units of NRI
  16. Income and LTCG from units by an offshore fund
  17.  Income and LTCG from foreign currency bonds of shares of Indian companies
  18. Income of FII from securities
  19. Insurance commission
  20. Receipts from life insurance policy
  21. Withdrawal of deposits under NSS
  22. Receipt of commission etc. on sale of lottery tickets
  23. Income from investment in securitization trust
  24. Income on account of repurchase of units by MF/UTI
  25. Interest or dividend or other sums payable to government
  26. Payment to non-resident sportsmen or sports association u/s 115BBA
  27. Sale of land or building
  28. Receipts from transfer of immovable property
  29. Sale of vehicle
  30. Sale of securities and units of MF
  31. Off market debit transactions
  32. Off market credit transactions
  33. Business receipts
  34. Business expenses
  35. Rent payments
  36. Miscellaneous payments
  37. Cash deposits
  38. Cash withdrawals
  39. Cash payments
  40. Outward foreign remittance/purchase of foreign currency
  41. Receipt of foreign remittance
  42. Foreign travel
  43. Purchase of immovable property
  44. Purchase of vehicle
  45. Purchase of time deposits
  46. Purchase of securities and units of MF
  47. Credit/Debit card
  48. Balance in account
  49. Income distributed by business trust
  50. Income distributed by investment fund