Compliance Calendar

Compliance Calendar - 2021

7th June (Monday)May 2021Income TaxChallan No ITNS-281Payment of TDS/TCS deducted/ Collected in May 2021
10th June (Thursday)May 2021GST1. GSTR 7
2. GSTR 8
1. To be filed by the person required to deducted TDS
2. To be filed by the e-commerce operators required to deduct TCS
11th June (Friday)
May 2021GST GSTR 11. Taxpayers having an aggregate turnover more than 1.50 crores or to be file Monthly Return
2. Taxpayers who opted for QRPM scheme (Optional)

13th June (Sunday)
May 2021GSTGSTR 6Input service Distributors

15th June (Tuesday)
May 2021Income TaxECR PFE-Payment of provident fund
ESI Challan ESI Payment
Challan No ITNS - 280First instalment of advanced tax for the AY 2022-23 certificate of TDS to employees in respect pf salary paid & tax deducted during FY 2020-21
20th June (Sunday)May 2021GSTGSTR 5 & GSTR5ANon-Resident Taxpayers and ODIAR services provider
2. GSTR 3B the due date for GSTR 3B having an Annual Turnover of more than 5 crores
25th June (Friday)May 2021GSTGST ChallanGST Challan Payment if no Sufficient ITC for April ( for all Quarterly Filers )

30th June (Wednesday)
May 2021Income TaxFORM 24Q/26QQuarterly statement of TDS deposited for the quarterly ending March 31.2021
Income TaxFORM 61AThe statement of Financial transaction (SFT) for the Financial Year 2020-21
Due date for linking of Aadhaar number with Pan

Income TaxFORM 64BFurnishing of statement of Income distributed by business trust to its unit holders during the FY 2020-21
FORM DPT 3To be filed by companies who have taken outstanding loans other than deposits