GSTN enables Feature for Online Filing of Annexure-V by Newly Registered GTAs Opting for Forward Charge

The GSTN has introduced the much-awaited feature to file Annexure-V online on the GST Portal. This option is specifically designed for newly registered Goods Transport Agencies (GTAs) opting for Forward Charge.

The new facility allows users to upload manual Annexure-V, which might have been submitted to the jurisdictional office before the commencement of the online filing option. If you are a GTA providing services and wish to pay tax under Forward Charge for the current financial year and beyond, filing your declaration Annexure V Form by January 28, 2024, is essential. By selecting “YES,” you will be directed to the Annexure V Form. If you are not involved in providing GTA services or prefer to pay tax under Reverse Charge, you can choose “NO.” It’s important to note that the Annexure V Form can also be accessed through Dashboard > Services > User Services > GTA > Opting Forward Charge payment by GTA (Annexure V).